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Ticklebot is a tiny independent game making studio located in Serbia. The idea of it formed soon after the meeting of it's two members, Milica and Stefan, and came to life in the spring of 2012. The studio is devoted to creating fun and clever playful experiences through digital and analog media. In 2014, they expanded their scope of work to include serious urban games.

Milica Andjelkovic is a landscape architect, game artist and designer. She is responsible for the visuals, and takes part in game design. She is especially interested in urban games, with a focus on improving urban participation. Her other interests include analog photography, painting and playing ukulele.


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Stefan Nikolic is a programmer and game designer with five years of experience in the industry. He is in charge of designing, prototyping and developing video games, apps, as well as web sites. He believes that games can have a broader usage in our everyday lives, and is dedicated to creating serious games that benefit our society.


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Selected projects

I Broke The Time

Professor Timothy composed a time machine out of gazillion clocks. When his machine broke down, IT BROKE THE TIME! All the hours and days got mixed up. The machine also scattered those clocks all over professor's lab. This malfunction of time causes time clones to appear. Avoid them to prevent time paradox from happening. If you manage to collect 24 clocks from Monday-Sunday you will save the day.

The Case Of Scary Shadows

The Case Of Scary Shadows is a game made for the "Bears - In honor of spring" art exhibition in Belgrade City Museum Gallery. It is inspired by a folk belief about the beginning of spring. When the bear wakes up from his winter-long nap and goes hunting for food, he mustn't see his own shadow, because only then the spring can begin. In the game you play as a bear avoiding your shadows, while collecting acorns. Promo art was made by our friend Aleksandar Zolotic.

Knowlege Regions Challenge

Ticklebot developed an application for the urban board game/participation tool designed by Blok74. The game was designed to serve as an instrument for collaborative design and a communication mediator. It was showcased in Hague and Delft, The Netherlands, in October 2015.


Necto is a relaxing puzzle game about connecting colorful shapes, designed both for mobile devices and the web. By connecting shapes, players also dictate the direction in which new shapes fall in. This mechanic gives the classic connecting game a new twist, making it dynamic and more challenging.


This participation tool in form of a digital puzzle game was designed by Milica, as part of her master thesis "Application of digital-simulation games for the purpose of improving the process of urban design, on the example of the city of PanĨevo". It is a pioneering attempt to bring serious urban gaming into the practice of landscape architecture, as well as urban planning and urban design in Serbia.

Theft Punk

Theft Punk is a challenging top-down puzzle game spiced with retro jazzy atmosphere. The main character is a silly robber on a quest to steal all the diamonds, and by the end of the game he will steal your heart as well.

Super Sub Hero

Super Sub Hero is a cute and cheerful puzzle platform game with unique mechanics. The main character has an ability to turn ice into water and vice versa, which brings you a dozen of mind-bending puzzles.

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Older projects

Here's a link to some of our previos projects from 2010-2012.

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